Discover music a lot better on Apple Music

Soor is a new music player for iPhone. It's the first ever, 3rd party iOS app with full Apple music support -- search, add, like songs, edit playlists and more.

The primary goal of creating Soor was to improve music discovery and make frequently used actions fun to use.

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Any plans to offer a free trial? I’d be far more inclined to pay $9.99 if I could explore the app first.
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Hello everyone, I made Soor as a highly polished alternative to the stock music app. Its main focus is on improving music discovery by having top and curated content show up right as you open the app. Making frequently used actions super quick and fun to use via intuitive gestures was my other goal. An active Apple Music subscription is required to use the app. Soor is sold at a one-time cost of $9.99. Please feel free to ask me any questions.
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@tanmays If an Apple Music subscription is required, does that mean it will not work with my personal collection?
@crudpunk It will work with your own local collection as well. Just that Apple Music is a requirement for now. That might change in future and I might add in a local-only mode support.
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Pull To Reach is nice!
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It's becoming quite apparent that the existing digital subscription platforms (DSPs) lack a certain elegance and social element. Your music player seems to be well designed but I think it's missing an inherent value proposition: social. I can discover music on Apple Music albeit through their clunky process but where is the social factor? Can I build for instance playlists with my friends? Apple Music's SDK does allow for you to add that feature set. I also think you are walling off your product by focusing on Apple Music solely. Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music and Deezer would also be just as compelling. You would open yourself up to a larger set of subscribers. If you need a subscription to login in to your app (someone who pays to listen to Apple Music), you are getting around the licensing issues any of these DSPs may have.
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Look awesome!