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Brief sorts through today’s firehose of news to give you up-to-date bulletins handcrafted by journalists and organized by algorithms. Every update has timelines—so you see the broader context—and quotes from diverse voices—so you hear the full conversation.
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I'm an investor in Brief and have been using it a lot the last few months. It has been a huge help for my brain. In March I spent hours a day pulling to refresh the latest Corona virus news on twitter. I knew it wasn't helpful... but it was addictive and every new thing I learned felt SO important so I couldn't tear myself away. What if I missed something!?!?! Since then, Brief has made sure I know everything important - love the push notifications -- so I can safely close twitter without missing anything. It's the right balance for me between taking a news/twitter vacation and staying up late obsessively reading something... so I think it's really sustainable and will be my solution for news for the long term!
@maiab Thanks Maia! Founder here. Our whole team has been hard at work on Brief (so proud of everyone!), and we're incredibly excited to see what the Product Hunt community thinks. So, I'm handing out gift cards for a free month to anyone on Product Hunt that wants to check it out. Just DM me on twitter (@HobbsNews), and I'll send one your way!
I've been looking for an app like this for a while, can't wait to get it on Android! By the way, it's not accessible in Canada on iOS?
@lukasfoisy Right now we're only available in the US app store. However, we have a really a active beta testing community, and we should be able to add Canadian users to our TestFlight. Just DM me (@HobbsNews), and I'll add you (and/or any interested Canadians!)
Only available in the US App Store :(
@tomjadams yes, so sorry! We believe human, journalistic judgement is key to a good news experience. So, sadly, serving new countries is a pretty large undertaking. That said, if you'd like to check out Brief, I'd be happy to get you into our TestFlight beta which is available everywhere. Just DM me! (@HobbsNews)
@hobbsnews @nick_hobbs yes, please! I live in the US, I just have an AU account.
Delightful motion with excellent curation
@miradu Thank you! So glad you appreciate the polish! We put a lot of work into creating fluid experiences, so it's lovely when people notice!
Nice product! I'm on a trial subscription. Any chance of a family or duo subscription price?
@chrisgrace We don't have one yet, but we're working on providing a family plan.