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August 24th, 2020

Clippy for every website 📎
M-Files survey shows that 83% of employees recreate existing work documents because they can’t find them in their company network.

Conclusion? Documentation sucks.

Yesterday, Joaquin Roca launched Minerva a dynamic way to share processes online. It’s the modern day Clippy, but with less eyebrows.

With this Chrome extension, you can easily capture and share clickable instructions for anything on the internet. No screenshots, red arrows, or screencap videos needed.

Documenting processes, SOPs (standard operating procedures), and internal workflows can be a pain to write, but are crucial precautions for well-functioning orgs.

Having recently secured a $1.1M seed round, Minerva aims to simplify documentation for customers, colleagues, and trainees.

The launch was well received by the Product Hunt community:

“It’s great to watch someone’s face light up after about the third minute of a product demo. Minerva has truly solved a very annoying problem.” – Brian Cohen

“Minerva is a dream come true! No more lengthy documentation and lost or unscalable process knowledge!” – Tania Luna

“I am a fan of this product because of how easy it makes it for anyone to create, share and follow directions. Some processes online take SO many clicks, hovers, drop-downs and new windows that open, which can be confusing.” – Amy Chen

Here are some more products to help you with interactive onboarding, documentation, and online training:

Scribe watches you work your magic and automatically turns what you do into a PDF guide.

Helppier integrates with Canva designs so you can create popups, banners, and tours.

UserGuiding is an easy way to show how your product works.

Landbot is the no-code conversational app builder.

Donut makes it easy to customize and automate onboarding journeys, right in Slack.

OnboardFlow makes sense of your trials and shows how to convert more of them.

Page Flows is a library of user flow videos and screenshots from popular products.

flowmapp is a simple tool for creating user flow diagrams.

Personably creates amazing on-boarding experiences for new hires.

But if you want to add Clippy to your site for every visitor, use this.
Try Minerva
Currently #1 on Product Hunt, Softr, a super-fast website builder.

Build websites faster by using building blocks and integrations.

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