Make sense of your trials and convert more of them.

Someone signed up to a trial. Now what? OnboardFlow helps you make sense of your trials so that you can convert more of them.
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Hi there! Ben here, Founder at OnboardFlow. We’re really excited to be launching on PH. I founded a number of SaaS companies... I think it's fair to say I love what I do. But there's one part of the growth process that has always frustrated me. We'd get visitors through the door and signing up (yay!), we'd also have a pretty clear idea of how many converted at the end of the trial but what happened in-between always felt a little hazy. We found ourselves asking similar questions time after time - questions like "How many trials have completed our onboarding?" and "Has anyone created a project, but not added their first task?" We were desperate for knowledge about what our trials were doing (or not doing as the case might be) and what overall product adoption looked like. Sure, there are tools like MixPanel and Heap, but every time we attempted to use them, we would find that we weren't really engaging with the data. The data never felt meaningful, digestible and actionable. After a while, it felt pretty silly. Embarrassing actually, that we were ‘trusting’ that X% would convert and hoping that they would continue to do so. So, we built OnboardFlow to fill this gap in our companies knowledge and today, we’re making it available to the public. With OnboardFlow you can (amongst other things): - Easily monitor what your trials are doing once they’ve signed up - Unearth product adoption insights - Track retention rates and how conversions are being impacted over time - Trigger hyper-targeted emails to your trial users based on their own activity and behaviour. In short, OnboardFlow helps you make sense of your trials so that you can convert more of them. I hope you like what we’ve come up with here. We already work with Stripe, Chargebee, Razorpay and Paddle - with more integrations coming soon. I’m personally looking forward to chatting with a lot of you and learning about how we can make the product even better. Thanks for taking the time to read this, Ben Founder at OnboardFlow PS 🙌🏻 Oh and we might have just released a Free version to coincide with this ProductHunt launch :)
Fantastic company... HelpShelf + MissingLettr are both fab products. Great to see another innovative product!
@djr Thanks David. Appreciate you saying that.
Signed up last week and looking forward to using it in our products! :)
@theflowagency Awesome to have you onboard Glenn and appreciate the comment. We're always just an email away if you need any help getting setup ;)
Excellent company that offers great products. This one is a no-brainer if you have any kind of SaaS.
@kolleen_shallcross Yay thanks Kolleen. Appreciate the kind words.
Can't wait to start using it!
@roberto_robles Whoop! Looking forward to having you onboard Roberto.