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#4 Product of the DayMay 24, 2018

Page Flows is a growing library of user flow videos and screenshots from popular products. When you're stuck on a design problem or need inspiration, it's the perfect place to find real-world solutions and inspiration.

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RamyMaker@ramykhuffash · Founder @ Letterfuel
Thanks for sharing, @_jacksmith! Page Flows is a growing library of user flow videos and screenshots from popular products. I've tried a version of this idea a few times before because it's something I really believe should exist. Every time I work on a new flow, I find myself looking for inspiration or solutions in other products. Not having to download apps and sign up to services saves a huge amount of time and hassle. The pricing model I've gone with this time seems to be working. It's a small yearly price, so even if you only use Page Flows a few times a year when working on new flows, it's worth the subscription. It also means it's a sustainable project and I can now afford to keep it updated. When you buy a subscription, you get access to the current library, plus future updates. I add a product a week, so that's the flows of at least 52 more products after you subscribe. Personally, I love it when people share their project's revenue numbers, so I'll share mine. The first sale was on February the 14th (romantic, I know ❤️) and here are what the numbers have been like since: Total revenue: $3,618 Feb - $1,182 March - $754 April - $638 May so far - $1,044 Most of the traffic has come from my other, related site, UI Movement, plus a couple of articles on the blog that got a lot of traffic. I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts on where Page Flows should go.
Andy Ayim
Andy Ayim@andymansmiles · Pathways for undervalued founders
It would be great to add additional value if you could walkthrough teardowns like as well as consider a premium library for best in class UX
RamyMaker@ramykhuffash · Founder @ Letterfuel
@andymansmiles Teardowns are a great idea! I like the idea of the best in class UX, but I'm not really sure how it would work?
Davis Baer
Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Co-Founder of OneUp
Very cool! Nice work Ramy :)
RamyMaker@ramykhuffash · Founder @ Letterfuel
@daviswbaer Thanks :-)
muhammed boucha
muhammed boucha@muhammedboucha · product designer
usually I don't like to subscribe in products without free trial , but when I saw your product for the first time I said " shut up and take my money " latterly.
RamyMaker@ramykhuffash · Founder @ Letterfuel
@muhammedboucha Can't get better feedback than that! How have you found it so far? How can I make it better?
Nice work! That's a comprehensive library already. Is there a publicly visible schedule of upcoming videos? And this is just the greybeard nerd in me talking, but with RSS making a comeback I'd love to see authenticated RSS for subscribers.
RamyMaker@ramykhuffash · Founder @ Letterfuel
@farrepa Thanks! No schedule of upcoming videos, but you can see a list of requests here, which guide what will be coming up in the future: RSS is not a bad idea - I didn't even know authenticated RSS was a thing though...