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One click, Scribe will watch you work your magic and automatically turn what you do into an easy-to-share PDF guide. Create user guides for onboarding, training, product documentation, remote support, edu, and more.
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Hey everyone! First off, thanks @maccaw for hunting us! We’re super stoked to be launching Scribe here on Product Hunt! We’re the team behind Cursive, a no-code automation platform. We originally built Scribe as an internal tool to document workflows to be automated. In working with our customers, we’ve seen that oftentimes documenting workflows is a challenge in and of itself. Here’s what we’ve learned: 🚫 Most process know-how is not written down - it lives in people’s minds as tribal knowledge 📓 What has been written down is static and stale - think of the training manual that no one opens again after on-boarding 🤯 No one likes creating user guides - it’s annoying and tedious to write up process steps in a google doc, create and import screenshots, paste images into emails, etc ℹ️ Yet, it’s more important than ever - with the rise of remote work, sharing “how-to” knowledge (digitally) has become a critical business imperative 💁‍♂️ We need a simpler way to share what we know with others - that doesn’t add to already heavy slack/zoom/email/communications overhead. Content needs to be easy to consume and even easier to create; ideally, it’s asynchronous, reusable for the creator, skimmable and digestible for the reader at their own pace, and referenceable for everyone. We realized that what we’d built with Scribe could be a solution to this problem. With this beta release of Scribe, we’ve made it easier than ever before to capture and share your “how-to” knowledge. One click, Scribe will watch you work your magic and turn what you do into an illustrated, shareable step-by-step user guide. Create guides for product documentation, training, on-boarding, remote support, and more. Download Scribe beta now to start creating. And best of all - Scribe is free to beta users! Check it out - we’d love your feedback 🙏
@maccaw @jennifersmith6 This is a really good idea! I think it can be used for nice user guides. I'm building and we will need some form of user guide to teach our customers during beta testing. Scribe likely will fill that need. Thanks for posting!
@dave_smith10 that's great, and congrats on textasync!
Scribe makes it easy to document anything in a jiff. Sharing what you know > keeping it to yourself. And now, it no longer requires macgyvering gdocs, screenshots, and illustrations together into something legible.
Nice! As a PM, I often need to document how new features work in detail or train Operations. That takes either lots of screenshots/gdocs or videos. This looks like it solves that problem nicely. Kudos Cursive team for building something useful, simple, and intuitive.
Thanks, @ryandelkennedy! Those are the exact types of use cases we had in mind when building. As someone who's tried to do plenty of coding tasks based on video tutorials, I've found that it can be quite painful. Hoping that this is the start of being hyper-focused on a good experience for both the guide creator and the guide user. Let us know what improvements you'd like to see as you put Scribe to use :)
@ryandelkennedy thanks ryan - helpful feedback on use-cases for scribe...we are so curious to see what everyone uses Scribe to de-Scribe (bad pun?)
What a great idea. Could middleground between loom videos and fullblown onboarding docs.
@crixlet1 Thanks! We've noticed that there are so many processes that aren't well-documented right now because of the heavylifting required to make guides by hand. At the same time, we've found that while videos can be easy to make, they are often difficult to consume, especially if you're trying to get a task done in real time while watching. It's a lot of back-and-forth between the video and the work you're trying to get done. Hoping that Scribe is the happy medium here :)
@crixlet1 like how you framed that. our hope is this leads to more people sharing what they've learned / know how to do...
So it's easy as recording a loom...but instead of a video it outputs docs? (I hate the slowness of fast-forwarding through video...this seems elegant).
@rajiv_ayyangar yup, exactly! you got it. for the times when you'd rather have a written doc to refer back to, at your own pace. (like for me, learning to cook right now, i always read recipes, never watch videos - so i don't have to constantly ffwd and rewind)
@rajiv_ayyangar Exactly :) Although video is powerful for storytelling, it's not a great medium for sharing a task, where the user is following along at her own pace. Imagine building IKEA furniture with only a YouTube video. How-to guides are the right tool for the job.
@rajiv_ayyangar @jennifersmith6 ahh.. the cooking example is so true!