Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 10th, 2020

Improve your WFH routine
Remember life before WFH? The commute, the coffee break, watercooler chat, podcasts to accompany the commute home. Even if you were previously remote before the pandemic, the days used to look a little different.

The key to enjoying the freedoms of remote work is integrating the elements you loved from your in-office routine.

Habit by auto-blocks time on your calendar for your regular habits like networking, lunch or exercise

TeamSpirit keeps video calls on time and monitors your talk vs. listen ratio

Cafecito books 30 minute networking coffee-chats with like-minded remote folks

Watercooler is like a Clubhouse for your office where you can catch up socially with your colleagues

Kuri might inspire your to chef it up again with new recipe ideas based on what’s in season for you locally

Dwellito Mini-Office is a prefabbed space you can work from in your yard

Virus Cafe is a remote friend-matching tool with a firm rule against small talk

The Product Hunt team has been doing the remote thing a while, so they weighed in on some weird WFH tips to add to your repertoire.

What is your best summer WFH tip? ☀️
A new habit
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