Match with likeminded remote workers for lunch or coffee.

The biggest struggle with remote work is isolation and the challenge to unplug. We help you solve for both by bringing you together locally and virtually with remote workers based on your career, goals, and personal hobbies.
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Hi there! 👋 In 2017, I transitioned from working in a traditional co-located office to working from the comfort of my home or at the newest coffee shop in town. I've been lucky and I'm grateful to have the ability to work remotely it has a ton of upsides which many of us know about. But just like anything else in the world it has a few challenges and struggles. The biggest 2 being: 1) Isolation + lack of socialization 🚶‍♀️ 2) Unplugging from the work 🔌 I noticed these 2 problems in the way that I worked and set out to find solutions for them. It took me a bit but I quickly became aware that I wasn't making time to take breaks during my day nor was I connecting with other like-minded people locally or virtually. What helped me the most was blocking my calendar with a "Lunch Break Hour" or setting up a "Irma<>Bryan: Coffee Chat". Through running user research and having 1:1s with folks I found that I wasn't alone in this. No longer was I handed socialization, water-coolers, or coffee walks with co-workers that came with working in an office. If we take a look at the Buffer State of Remote Work report we can see that that 20% of respondents struggle with isolation and 18% find it challenging to unplug from their work. Not only does this cause us to lose motivation throughout our workday but it also affects both our physical and mental health. ☕So, here's Cafecito - a platform that matches groups of 2-3 remote workers together based on similar career/personal interests and schedules a coffee or lunch break. Join us to meet other remote workers who can help you with your next project, mentor you, or expose you to nearby local remote workers who are open-minded and ready to have engaging conversations over a bite to eat. 💭How are we different from sites like []( or Eventbrite? Our coffee and lunch breaks are targeted to be small as well as ensure that you have a commonality with the remote workers you're meeting. Whereas these bigger sites come with large crowds, tight meetup agendas, and loose RSVP commitments making it easy to skip or miss these events. 👇Feedback? Let me know.
Congrats on launching Cafecito! The problem for global workers is when the team is on multiple time zones, it's harder to find social time easily. But with the rise of remote workers, you should be able to find a couple other remote workers in your area. I like the solution, it's much needed!
@morajabi Thank you, Mo! You're totally spot on. Ease of access to social opportunities is much needed for us in remote work.
This reminds me of LetsLunch from years ago, but with a more narrow focus. Nice work, @_justirma.
@rrhoover Thanks a ton, Ryan! Appreciate it. I'm curious about LetsLunch, going to look them up :)
Can't wait to give this a shot. Such an awesome idea (and much needed for remote workers) Irma!
@shannon_maloney Thank you sooo much, Shannon! Would be great to chat sometime about your journey in remote work.
Congrats on your launch, Irma! Sounds like a useful and much needed service for remote workers!
@lara_durrant Thank you, Lara! I'm excited to keep building and talking to remote workers.