Dwellito Mini-Office

A mini-office delivered pre-built to your door in 6 weeks

#5 Product of the DayApril 09, 2020
Dwellito Mini-Office is an end-to-end service that ships a pre-built office to your door in 6-8 weeks.
💼3 available sizes: 8x8, 8x12, 8x14
📐Architect-grade design and full-side glass panel
👍Options and upgrades available
🚚Delivered in 6-8 weeks
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11 Reviews3.6/5
Hey PH, and thanks for the hunt @bentossell! Dwellito Mini Office is a product designed for the times. We've been working (in our homes) to figure out how to offer mini-offices to those that need a legitimate work station. With all the distractions that comes with WFH, we wanted to create a alternative: a home-office, outside the home. So we decided on a design that met 3 criteria: -Bigger than a phone booth, enough to fit a desk. -Shipping 8 weeks or less We simplified the design / system of parts to the core essentials but prefabrication is really the key to this. Prefab is the reason for faster build and delivery times, and lower costs. We're excited to share this product with you and hope you can get one yourself. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback!
@bentossell @calebarclay Dwellito is legit one of my favorite sites on the internet. Beautifully designed, great content, and an awesome investment strategy if you have spare land. Nicely done!
@calebarclay I really like how creative this is. It's overall budget friendly when you consider commute, and rent, and everything, but it's actually a game changer as well! It gets you out of your normal living space into a dedicated office space. I don't have an immediate need but I like this on the personal/working health angle. Great stuff!
@fitzn Thank you for the kind words! It's been awesome to see how many people are interested in having a retreat studio, whether for work or for hobby.
Thank you for making this. My Wife and I both work from home and have been discussing building an office in the back yard. The catch has been finding the balance between aesthetics and price. Dwelito looks like its found just that. Let us know when you start shipping to Canada!
@bnchrch according to the site they *do* ship to Canada 🇨🇦
@bnchrch Appreciate the kind words Ben! And yes, we do ship to Canada! 🇨🇦
This is ridiculous i love it
This is nuts. I want one. UPDATE: I looked at the rest of your website. I want all of it. HAHA
@karan_kanwar Thank you for the love!
Whoa this is great!