Product Hunt Weekly Digest
May 31st, 2020

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter. Period.

Product Hunt is a global community of people from all ethnicities, colors, genders and backgrounds connected through a shared love of products and technology. We hurt when people in our community hurt, and today, we like many of you, are hurting.

In today's email we want to celebrate Black makers from within our community. Here’s a small sample of the awesome products built by Black makers over the last few years:

🖤 Nappy - Beautiful high-res photos of black and brown people for free

🖤 While at Home - Stay up to date on all available resources during the COVID-19 pandemic

🖤 Calendly - Simply book meetings without the back and forth

🖤 People of Color in Tech - Join a growing community of People Of Colour working in tech and startups

🖤 Dream Big Hustle Hard - The millennial woman's guide to success in tech by Abadesi

🖤 The Bootstrapped VC - The official podcast of Backstage Capital hosted by Arlan Hamilton

🖤 Indie Hackers - Work together to build profitable businesses & side projects

🖤 Blacks Who Design - Highlighting inspiring Black designers

Let’s support more Black makers, together as a community. If you’re Black and made something you’re proud of, let us know on Twitter.

Lastly, if you have the means consider donating to Minnesota Freedom Fund, ACLU Foundation, The Bail Project, or many of the other organizations fighting for equality. You can do so on, a non-profit that makes it easy (and social).
Celebrate Black Makers
Join us in celebrating Black makers on Twitter.
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