The Bootstrapped VC

The official podcast of Backstage Capital

Welcome to the wild world of The Bootstrapped VC! The official podcast of Backstage Capital, a venture capital fund that invests in exceptional women, people of color, and LGBT tech founders.

Created & hosted by @arlanwashere, and produced & co-hosted by @bryanlanders, the show covers a broader range of topics than you'd expect from a VC podcast.

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Eek so excited to see this here! Not just because @michaelberhane_ and I feature on an episode πŸ˜„ but because in a tech world that often feels dominated by the same voices and ideas Backstage continues to cut through the noise with fearless energy. Plus they always put their money where their mouth is πŸ€‘ @arlanwashere @bryanlanders @imchristiepitts what are the hot topics you plan to cover in future episodes? and are there any particular people you'd love to have on as guests?
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@michaelberhane_ @bryanlanders @imchristiepitts @abadesi Thanks Abadesi! We will do more and more interviews with industry experts as well as entertainers and people outside of tech who are wanting to learn how to "get in". We will have more themed series like our Blockchain one from December 2017, and our current Maternity Tech one. I know I want to dive even deeper into the nuts and bolts of starting a fund or investing as an angel investor, since so many accredited investors listen to the podcast and could be investing in founders today. We'll try to demystify as much as we can so that the game is no longer rigged. :)
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I highly recommend that anyone who hasn't yet heard @Backstage_Cap's @BootstrappedVC podcast take some time and check it out. @ArlanWasHere sets an extremely conversational and relatable tone, something which I think benefits the material immensely. Also, @bryanlanders' production on it is pretty awesome πŸ‘
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@backstage_cap @bootstrappedvc @arlanwashere @adammarx13 Thanks, Adam! Well said re: tone. I think in one of the earliest episodes I remember Arlan saying, "this is not your grandfather's VC podcast," which has definitely held true. 😁 The funniest part about production we've learned is that even with testing stuff like silly sound fx and interstitial music, the episodes people seem to love the most are the least produced - literally Arlan talking into an iPhone with little to no editing. So, when podcasters tell you "quality matters" when going on and on about mics and such, I now translate that to: the quality of the content (in the ears of the listeners) matters - not so much the production (as long as it's audible, I suppose!)
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Highly recommended. Hard to find insights, authenticity, diversity in culture + thought (we need more of this folks), and a team of world-class makers. Founders, Angels, VCsβ€”miss this podcast at your own peril ;)
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@darrenbuckner Woohoo! Thanks for that, Darren. We gotta start using that "miss this podcast at your own peril" in marketing. πŸ“ We'll get you on at some point, too! πŸ’œ
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Btw - go waaay back to episode 2 to hear @arlanwashere's interview with @rrhoover! How could you not listen to an episode entitled "An Intense Mullet"? πŸ‘Œ
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@arlanwashere @bryanlanders BEST PODCAST OF ALL TIME
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Very insightful. Very real. Love the Startup Podcast reaction episodes for a peak behind the curtain.


Great, "down to earth" insights into the VC world from a female/minority perspective


Not enough Arlan