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Hi Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹ A year and a half ago, I launched Indie Hackers here as a side project. Back then it was a small collection of interviews with founders, and today it's become so much more. I'm excited to unveil the Indie Hackers Community β€” a place where founders work together to build projects, give each other feedback, and help each other solve challenges. If you've ever worked on a project and needed some advice or a second opinion on something, this community is for you. I'd love to hear what you think!
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@csallen this is great Courtland! Have been watching your site grow and enjoyed the journey. One of the things that has often held my own projects back has been finding others with a similar passion so I look forward to seeing this concept grow πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
@csallen great community , big fan , all the best
@csallen One of my favourite website. Keep up the good work, cheers!
@csallen Also the podcasts are fantastic and they have the text version too, very useful when I don't get something from the speech as a non-native English speaker. Everything feels so well designed both technically and in terms of "empathy", and when you're around in IH there's always this warm feeling of a overall good place with so much care in how everything is designed and made.
@csallen I'm looking for beta users for a product I'm launching in a couple weeks, but I need people with a specific "stack" (i.e. on a Mac, uses Slack and Google Sheets, and knows SQL). It'd be awesome if in your IH profile that you could tag that you're willing to help out with beta testing products and could add tags to your profile that would be relevant to know for people looking for testers (e.g. "Mac", "Designer", etc.). Testers could then sign up to get a push when a new beta product met their tags. I'd imagine beta testing would be a pretty strong use case for this community.
You've done an awesome job building an organic, genuine community, @callen and @channingallen. πŸ‘πŸΌ
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Thank you for the support @rrhoover! Product Hunt has been a huge inspiration.
Indie Hackers made me realize that building a company isn't that hard, that it's ok to not want to become a unicorn and it's not necessary to beat all the competitors if all you want is a stable income. The podcast and the forum been with me since I've left my job (not an advice), launched my first products and learned how to market those. Now I'm one step from getting my first $ from a product that people want and ready to pay for. Thank you @csallen and @channingallen for all your work!
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Congrats on your progress so far @kossnocorp, been enjoying your updates so far and I'm looking forward to seeing where you can take your business and maybe interviewing you one day :-D
@csallen thanks, I'm looking forward to this day too 😜

So much to learn from Indie Hackers, IH podcasts, the interviews and the community. A breath of fresh air from the 'traditional' startup talk (glorified VC funded startups).


Best podcast about startups out there, also great community and interviews



Great to see you here @channingallen @csallen! As @kossnocorp touched on, so many tech stories focus on the unicorns and big players and what makes Indie Hackers so great is that it's incredibly accessible and relatable. Ordinary people working hard, making money and learning lots along the way. I love that. How has the Stripe acquisition changed things (if at all)? And what exciting things do you have planned for the community in 2018?
@csallen @kossnocorp @abadesi In short, the Stripe acquisition simplified our mission: to become the best knowledge-sharing community for internet entrepreneurs. Prior to the acquisition talks, we spent most of our time negotiating with ad vendors. We were even on the verge of pay-gating the interviews or the forum (or both)!
@abadesi My take is that the Stripe acquisition made us much more ambitious. We went from having a 2-week vision to crafting a 2-year vision. Indie Hackers should be the best place for early-stage founders to directly support each other in starting new businesses and overcoming specific challenges, and in 2018 I want to concentrate on building tools to help them do just that.