People Of Color In Tech

Interviews and articles by people of color in tech.

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Hi all! I'm co-founder at POCIT (People Of Color In Tech). Our mission is to highlight the current achievement of POC in tech/startups to inspire the next generation. We feature individuals every week across the industry, from startup founders to junior web developers. Thanks for all the up-votes! Feel free to ask any questions or to email me:
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@michaelberhane_ Love this! Reminds me of @will_lucas and his of10 podcast, which featured a lot of the same folks I think. Y'all do events?
@jkwade @michaelberhane_ Hey! Thanks for the love! We may have something in the pipeline so stay tuned :)
@michaelberhane_ I love the mission. Kudos to you for doing this, keep it up!
So glad this is on here!
@rrhoover :) He really was a great interview!
Thanks Amelie!
Love this! Happy to see POCIT on PH! 🙌🏾