Simple, beautiful scheduling

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Love this product - just for free at the moment but probably will upgrade. I combine this with intercom to deliver some really nice messages for leads & customers to schedule 15 mins with me to get them set up with a short demo.
I've been using Calendly for quite a while and I LOVE it. Has made scheduling so much easier... almost as easy as my Meekan Slack bot. :D
@dustinwstout We're actually considering giving the robot some "Here is my calendar, book me any time" powers Would that be useful to you, or are these two worlds that shouldn't collide?
Paying customer as well. Love it.
I've been using YouCanBookMe for a while and am switching to Calendly as it just feels more elegant and well-executed. Well done, team. Nice work.
Really well executed. Not sure about the business model, but the experience is just great. Reminds me of Doodle (same question about how to make $$ with this).