Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 11th, 2017

Google just dropped 3 experimental apps! 💥💥🚀
Fresh off last week's Google Go launch, Google just announced three new photography apps! This is part of Google's new "Appsperiments" program, which was inspired by the success of the Motion Stills app.

These new apps are fun.

😚 Selfissmo! uses AI to automatically capture your selfies each time you pose. You just need a phone mount to capture those angles while you Blue Steel.

🎥 Scrubbies is a fun app to manipulate videos into delightful loops. It's like a DJ-style Vine that replays your favorite moments (until it heartbreakingly shuts down and replaced, but never forgotten). 🌱

🖌 Storyboard transform your videos into comics using AI. Google is claiming that there are over 1.6 trillion combinations of frames and layouts, just pull down to refresh and produce a new one. It's magic.

This is just the first installment photography appsperiments. Follow the Appsperiments by Google collection and we'll keep you posted as new apps come out.
Appsperiments by Google
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