iOS Jetpack

Beautiful easy-to-use screenshot templates for App Store

#5 Product of the DayDecember 11, 2017

iOS Jetpack has beautiful easy-to-use screenshot templates for your app. Create perfect App Store, Product Hunt or Facebook presentations in a fast and beautiful way.

With Sketch symbols and styles create your presentation easily. There is no need to think about something new when the time is running out. Use our ready-to-publish templates!

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Hello Hunters! I'm Denis from Craftwork and this is our newest project, iOS Jetpack! We believe that it will be very useful for iOS developers and for designers who want to boost their workflow. As always, we prepared a PH30 code for you to get the product with 30% discount! Please let us know what do you think and ask your questions if you have any. Cheers!
this looks amazing. is there something similar for OSX?
@hugowoodhead Thanks Woody! Oh, we didn’t think about that. But I think it’s a good idea for next project. Cheers!
Too apple centric. Too hipster. Also screenshot with app inside iTunes is old. Apple taken apps out of iTunes...
@androidlove Yes, we made it so long, that everything in Apple has been already updated :) But we'll correct this screen when Instagram templates will be ready. Thanks a lot!
Hey Denis! Awesome job man, I was trying to pull those screenshots together from sketchappresources, but they're all in different styles / sizes, so what you've built is really worth having. On the website you mentioned, that hunters can use a 30% promo code, though there is no such field in the payment process. Is there a way to get a discount or not? Thanx
@akimovnv Hello Nikita! Thanks a lot for your kind words! About promo code, yeah, it is my fault, forgot to enable discount input field. Now everything is fine. Thanks again!
Great job !! Can we publish ready made design from this iOS jet pack.😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks a lot! Yeah, sure you can!