Flexible invoicing app with customizable templates (Freebie)

Manta is a flexible invoicing desktop app that allows you to quickly make beautiful invoices without the need of using design software like Photoshop, InDesign or Sketch. It's geared toward people who need to make invoices from time to time such as freelance designers, developers, photographers or writers ... etc. No Internet, monthly fee required!

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Good design!
@helloraynext Thanks! :)
Love the fact that you're using the product to raise awareness about a social cause. Looking forward to the paid version when it's out!
@michaelfolling Thanks, Michael. I’m actually thinking about doing a write up about this as the benefits are multifold. It made me feel good about myself and may also help activists like OPS as well. Manta is a magical creature, I ended up with a perfect name and logo/icon for the app. So everyone wins! I really hope this could become a trend for developers.
@lqh88 I agree with you 100%. I want to do something similar for my next project.
@michaelfolling Awesome! Maybe this can help us solve the second hardest thing in Computer Science (naming things) once and for all? ;)
Great idea, thanks for making this! +1 that it's open source
@marcorei Thanks! Hope you found it useful! :)
@lqh88 love the design!
@richp_ Thanks! I’m glad you like it. Have you tried the app yet? Would love to know which could be improved! :)
This looks like a great start. I downloaded V1 and played with it for a while. I look forward to seeing it a little bit more refined.
Hey @maxjwhite , thanks for giving Manta a try. I would love to hear your thoughts. Anything you would like to improve? :)
@lqh88 Definitely! Mind if I shoot you an email?
@maxjwhite Sure! Pls drop me a line here