Vine Camera

The Vine Camera is for making 6 second looping videos

The Vine Camera is for making 6 second looping videos. It's Vine, without the network and the fun. By Twitter. 🌱😪

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I think that this non-Vine Vine video is the only proper way to honor Vine.
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Can't wait to see if this gets integrated even closer into Twitter and also to see if many vine creators come back to use it and post to Twitter or other platforms. Also available on Google Play here:
Kinda sad to see the community go. Loved Vine from the start and it's great to see a part of it is going to exist. But the fact that Twitter automatically loops videos < 6.5 secs makes this app so useless.
One minor gripe: Importing a video doesn't show you how long the clip is (or how long you've cropped it to). I can't tell if my video is < 6.5 seconds or not. Edit: Ah, it only listed the first 6.5 seconds of the video in the preview/trimming tool, so no length indicator needed.
Won't be surprised if sooner rather than later this becomes natively integrated to Twitter feeds. They're trying to make the feed more dynamic as much as possible.