Actionable insights to reach your financial goals. 🤑

Emma is your financial advocate. She helps you in avoiding overdrafts, finding and cancelling subscriptions, tracking debt and saving money.

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Quick update: We just got approved by the Financial Conduct Authority, so we can operate under PSD2. This is our official statement: https://emma-app.com/blog/2018/0... Second quick update: We are HIRING - > https://angel.co/emma-35/jobs -------------------- Thanks @bramk for hunting Emma! We are thrilled to be here! I am Edoardo Moreni, Co-founder of Emma. @AntonioMarino0 and I are excited to finally show what we have been working on for the past few months. Emma is your financial advocate. She can make you avoid overdrafts, find and cancel subscriptions, track debt and save money. We believe we are at the right time in history where technology can actually democratise the figure of the private wealth manager. The way we are achieving this is by building the Google Now of personal finance. Emma is a feed of cards, which renders different elements according to your own context and situation. This means we are building an app that is able to take different shapes according to our users’ needs. You can swipe through your set of cards as if you were reading your personal finance daily news. We are currently in closed beta, but we’ll give access to anyone who signups through Product Hunt in the next 48 hours. We would love any feedback, ideas or questions. We have just started, so look to the community for their support. We are here to answer any questions all day. Ps: Emma comes from our initials. (E)doardo (M)oreni (M)arino (A)ntonio. Ps2: It’s time to put that avocado toast down. ;)
@bramk @antoniomarino0 @edoardomoreni I loved the pitch so much I signed up but am number 1556 on waitlist, ouch 😞
@bramk @edoardomoreni @abadesi Skip-the-queue ticket coming your way soon.
@bramk @edoardomoreni @antoniomarino0 I shared the link on Twitter but would be great as you're on Product Hunt today if you could give an incentive to the community to start engaging with the product and not have to refer ppl to use it 😸
@bramk @edoardomoreni @abadesi sure! everyone signing up today from PH will receive an invite within the week
I signed up for this yesterday and I really like it. As data protection rules (in Europe) get stricter and banking APIs become more open it’s going to be easier for startups like Emma to offer services like this with consumer confidence. I’m a fan of what they’ve done so far and I look forward to seeing how it evolves.
@martinsfp Hi Martin! Thank you very much. We are looking forward to releasing more features soon! :)
@martinsfp I'm glad we didn't break anything :)
Hello Product Hunt 😸, I’m Antonio, co-founder of Emma. We’ve built Emma to help people achieve financial wellness, one step at a time. 💰 Our product is capable of interpreting heterogeneous datasets of banking data with unprecedented depth and provide unique insights to our users. If you start using Emma today you can expect a premium mobile banking experience, together with a dynamic feed that will allow you to easily stay in control of bank accounts and give you recommendations that will make you save money. P.S.: We don’t actually endorse millennials to lower their consumption of 🥑 toast and expensive lattes to afford a home. We 😍 avocado toast and our master plan is to make you able to afford both. 🦄 Ps 2 : we're answering questions here all day long. Ask us anything
@antoniomarino0 Super exciting :) i'm glad you endorse avocado and toast :D
@sydney_liu_sl It's delicious <3
@antoniomarino0 @sydney_liu_sl Thanks! Let's build a better financial world one avocado at the time. :D
@sydney_liu_sl Time to give it a go! We are coming to the US. Here's our testflight: https://testflight.apple.com/joi...
Education about personal finance is even more effective than simply raising income. I've got a huge amount of respect for financial technology products that help customers make smarter decisions, when the establishment has typically made a lot of money from loans and overdrafts from irresponsible spending. Installed Emma a few days ago - Great interface, much easier to navigate than the mobile banking app that my bank provides.
@dan_e_gray thanks Dan! We are really glad you like it. :) The best is yet to come. We won't stop until we fix this massive problem.
Reviewing on The World of Apps YT channel, very soon!
@francescod_ales Hi Francesco, thanks for the review! We are looking forward to watching it on your channel! 😁