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May 14th, 2020

Pasta as a Service 🍝
The world is a better place when you randomly send pasta to your unsuspecting friends. ✨

PastaDrop is shipping an ‘innovative new noodle’ each week, and the idea is to send pasta to your family, friends, neighbors, or anyone as long as you have their address and they have a passion for pasta.

It’s more of a social experiment than a true food delivery service, and you never know quite what you’re going to get in the noodle department. PastaDrop was created by Matt Rutledge who also founded Woot, the popular daily deals site from the 2000’s.

“We want to build a weird little online pasta-giving community,” say the founders. “We are facilitating lasting connections one PastaDrop at a time.”

Speaking of special deliveries, you can now effectively avoid the post-office all together and send snail mail from home. Send mail from your device or your computer by uploading your docs and typing out the address, and it will be remotely printed and sent via USPS for you.

And since you’re already in the online ordering mode, get something for your favorite co-worker too. You can ship a WFH care package to yourself or a teammate. The packages have lots of goodies like candy and snacks, a gift card and a logic game book.

Last thing on the shipping n’ shopping list, it’s time to treat yourself to an inventive beverage to go with those noodles. Are you more of a Ginger Yuzu person, or an adaptogenic coffee person? 🍹☕️

OK, our shopping cart is now officially full, and so are we. 🛒
Pass the pasta
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