Packaged starters to cook real deal Asian cuisine at home

Omsom brings proud, loud Asian flavors into your pantry, sitting right between the tomato sauce and olive oil. We craft starters (shortcuts for specific Asian dishes). All the sauces, seasonings, + aromatics needed - just add your own protein and veggies!
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I want to try this on the name alone - "om sòm = a Vietnamese phrase meaning noisy rambunctious, riotous." (From the website)
@ejsnowdon hehe thank you! We had to pay homage to our Vietnamese roots -- and loved the idea of reclaiming a phrase that was typically used to chastise us as children.
Love this idea! My experience lies with traditional French and Italian cuisine but I am so so interested in authentic Asian cuisine, the sheer volume of flavor and passion has always blown me away. Cannot wait to try this!
@aaronoleary Thanks for hunting + sharing! Let me know if I can answer any q's :)
@aaronoleary @kim617 Hey Kim. I love the branding. I saw on your site that you're working with your sister! That sounds like a dream and also kinda wild at the same time. How did you make founding a co together work? (I'd love to work with my sis 🥰)
@aaronoleary @ejsnowdon Thank you! We worked super hard on the brand to reflect this proud + loud energy that often hasn't been afforded to Asian cuisines / products in mainstream grocery's "ethnic" aisle (blergh). We always joke that the company has been long in the making, since the early 90s lol. I've always wanted to start a company with Vanessa - just had to wait for her to leave her corporate gig and jump on the chance to build together! In terms of how we make it work - thankfully, we have super complementary skillsets. She's super analytical, data-driven, and strategic - whereas I'm much more right brain and on the creative / storytelling side. There are definitely some tough days where the sister dynamic comes roaring back, but at the heart of all of it is a deep trust+love in one another! 💕
@kim617 So good to see families getting along :)
@aaronoleary @kim617 Love to hear that. Thanks for sharing your journey. What a great thing to work together and compliment each others talents. I can feel that energy in the branding. Makes me want to dive in and cook! (And I'm a horrible cook sadly). Hoping for international expansions! (UK based). Good luck with the launch and beyond. Excited to see what happens for you both.
Just bought the lemongrass packet, very excited!
@katy_h Thank you! Let me know what you think :)
Honestly this is some of the best branding I've ever seen.
@pirgranoff Thank you thank you 🙏🏽
Never seen anything like this! Love the concept. So excited to be able to cook authentic dishes the way they are meant to be experienced.