Product Hunt Daily Digest
April 30th, 2020

Like rotten tomatoes inside Netflix 🍅
Bliss = becoming a better binge-watcher without needing to leave the Netflix app.

Voteflix recently launched to (finally!) bring ratings and reviews to Netflix. Now you can share your own review of Tiger King from the comfort of your browser. Think of all the time you’ll save researching what to watch next on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

We’ve seen some pretty unique Netflix companions launched by makers:

Netflix Party is having a second life because of the pandemic with over 10 million users registered. You can sync up your Netflix playback with your friends remotely to watch shows or movies together.

Mate Translate helps you learn a new language while binging your favorite shows, with translation for over 103 languages. You can click on phrases or words in subtitles, get them translated and export them to CSV files to import into another app like Reji.

Netflix categories codes help you find hidden categories using their secret codes.

Soon on Netflix let’s you track your favorite shows so you know when a new season is set to come out.

And last but not least, we’re putting this one in the save this for later category. Netflix Hangouts was created to help you watch Netflix at work while faking a conference call. This is particularly useful once you're back in the office. 😉

Happy streaming. 🍿
Get Streaming
Download emoji’s for Slack that better suit life in quarantine.

“You’re at home. You’re living in sweat pants. You’re occasionally wearing a mask and gloves. You need an emoji for that,” say the makers.