Mate Translate for Netflix

Learn 103 languages while watching Netflix 🎬

#2 Product of the DayApril 05, 2019
Click on words or select phrases in Netflix subtitles to translate and save them for learning. Export saved vocab as a CSV file or to Reji on iOS to learn with spaced repetition, practice spelling and pronunciation. In a relaxing way, yet efficiently!
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Hola language-learning hunters! We've recently released a massive update of our Mate Translate browser extensions. We're trying to make it more useful for language learners, and the Netflix subtitle translator has become the first step. With Mate, you can click on words or select phrases right in Netflix's subtitles to translate in 103 languages. You can save translations and then export them as a CSV file or to Reji (iOS). Then Reji allows you to learn vocab with spaced repetition (very efficient for memorization), practice spelling and pronunciation. It gets you quizzed on intervals to maximize retention in your memory. Which language are you learning? Is there any Netflix show you'd recommend for it?
This is awesome!! Now there’s finally to watch any Netflix series guilt free 😏 Good luck todays, you rock❤️
@martijn_verbove thanks! Right! Finally I can watch Narcos without feeling guilty. I'm not procrastinating anymore but learning Spanish :)
Such a cool idea! It’s so hard to be in constant search of new words for my anki packs. Now process is going to be much easier!

try it once you won't switch to others


easy and fast work


i don't know any better alternatives

What a great idea !! Going to test this this evening. It look very useful 👍
@b_tallandier looking forward to your feedback!