Netflix categories codes

Find hidden Netflix categories by their codes

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 02, 2019

You probably know that Netflix is using a really strange system to categorize it films and tv shows. Indeed, there isn't categories tab... We have the solution, in this site, you will be able to find categories by a little code.

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I prefer to use an extension

Great for Netflix binge watchers! Would love to see an improved layout or maybe a browser extension. Also, please use HTTPS.


Great collection of categories


Layout can be improved, and not HTTPS

Hey ! Thanks for the review ! I've just added https 😄
Hello Product Hunters ! I've build this little website to group all the netflix codes that I can found on the web. 😫 Problem There isn't any category tab on Netflix, we just see what they think we will like based on what we saw before. 💡 Solution With this little website, you will find all categories by a little code that you can put on Netflix ! If you have any question or suggestion, let me know 🙂
@pol_mrt Awesome stuff man, I scrapped a lot of them before if you want more catergories.
Nice! Saw this sometime back on Reddit:
This list is much more comprehensive (23,458 secret genres listed):