The way to rate and review Netflix shows.

Voteflix is the way to rate and review Netflix shows. Join community to make people save time while deciding what to watch!
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Hey hunters 🙌 I've just published the first version of Voteflix 🎉 I was feeling the lack of being able to rate and review Netflix shows and knowing that there are lots of people have the same feeling was a huge motivation to me! Let me know about your feedbacks and suggestions. I hope you enjoy using it.
@bedirhan_karadogan Congratulations on the launch! There are couple of Netflix related need gaps posted on my platform, such as 'Alert me when Netflix has the movie I want' - which you might be interested in addressing. You're welcome to join that discussion and build what people want.
@needgap this would be great addition. Thanks for the heads up 🖖
Brilliant idea! I will use it.
@furkand thank you! I hope you enjoy it, I would love to hear further feedbacks.
I really liked the concept of this. Thanks!
@efe_oge great! Thanks for the feedback 🙌
looks great!
Always wanted something like this.Thanks Beduerhan 🙌