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What about Android app? do you have that?
@ilya_azovtsev No, we don't have an Android app yet, but we are going to make one this year.
@ilya_azovtsev ahh. feel you bro :D Sorry, I haven't seen this post.
@ilya_azovtsev @liakh_andrii Hey guys, any progress? Seems like it's been 2 years ^^; I can't wait to have this on Android!
Hey! Hola! Guten Tag! Namaste! πŸ™Œ After a long week of fighting with Apple to get reviewed, we finally made it to Product Hunt. Thanks, Jack. Reji is flashcard app for language learners. It will help you to boost your vocabulary in 46 languages πŸ“š What sets Reji apart other language learning apps: * It’s for more advanced learners who don’t need grammar but need vocabulary. * It allows you to save words to learn easily. Just type in a word, and Reji will look up a translation, a definition or an image for it, and build a flashcard. * It teaches you how to pronounce words & phrases correctly by speaking out with correct accent, showing transliteration (e.g., pinyin) and phonetic transcription (IPA). We built Reji for learners who have already mastered grammar but still need to improve the vocabulary. Reji incorporates a spaced repetition algorithm to allow you to learn & repeat your flashcards on time πŸ•“ Share in comments vocabulary in what language you’d like to improve with Reji 😼
@alex_chernikov Love the way of learning with flashcards. πŸ’› Can you share what you had to do/change to get approved on the appstore? 😊
@alex_chernikov @mightyalex Sure! This is explained in details in my article on LinkedIn. Check it out:
@alex_chernikov @liakh_andrii thanks for sharing, it's always interesting to read about project background stories. tl;dr on the appstore submission: "do what they say and don't waste your time to convince them otherwise or change their mind" πŸ˜„
@alex_chernikov @mightyalex Yep, that's for sure! You can try to convince them later when it's not the first submission of the app :)

I am trying to master my German and found Reji to be a really good tool for that. For me it's all about expanding my vocabulary, and the app helps to do that in a super easy and intuitive manner. Especially loving the opportunity to learn with gifs :) Looking forward to the upcoming features!


Simple, intuitive, well-thought-out UX


Didn't really find any

Really good idea - I love the idea of using images/gifs to reinforce the words in your memory. I just did the Animals deck in Spanish and my first piece of feedback is that when I flip the card to show the answer, I should see the translation as well as the picture. There were some animals that I didn't actually know the English word for so I can only really guess what the translation is. An example is I had el CaimΓ‘n and el Cocodrilo next to each other. It's easy to work out what they are because the words are similar in English, but to me both the pictures were just crocodiles πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
@marsh931 For sure! Our first decks are far from perfect, as we made it ourselves :) We probably will be launching a user-generated deck market later.
@marsh931 true. Just like @liakh_andrii said, it's our high-priority task now to improve the Deck Market. We're considering to add mixed content on the flashcard back side, too. Thanks for the feedback πŸ˜‰
Useful app! thanks :)