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March 4th, 2020

NEW from Twitter: What is a "fleet"?

Twitter is finally joining the Stories revolution. It was just reported that the social media company is testing ephemeral tweets — dubbed “fleets” (lol) — that disappear after 24 hours.

Fleets are intended to appeal to Twitter users who are typically turned off by the permanent nature of normal tweets. But Fleets also differ from regular tweets in that they can’t be retweeted, they don’t have likes, and people can only respond to them via DM to the original tweeter.

Actually, fleets remind us less of Instagram Stories and more of Snapchat messages. Right now, fleets are only being tested in Brazil, but we’re closely monitoring the situation. Do you think you’ll use fleets? Share your thoughts here. 💬

Speaking of Twitter, we’ve seen a number of Twitter-adjacent products launch in the past few months. There was an app for making your feed less overwhelming, a tool that turns Twitter screenshots into beautiful photos, a site for findings your dream Twitter username, an API to hide Twitter replies, a bot to find gigs on Twitter, and even an index to graph public opinion of presidential candidates (based on tweets).

If you really want to go down the Twitter rabbit hole, check this out. 🐦

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