Nighthawk for Twitter

A powerful and personal companion to Twitter 🐣

Nighthawk is a new kind of Twitter app designed to pick up where the default options have let you down. We're focused on solving problems we all face on social media, like overwhelming news feeds and difficulty just hearing from the friends you care about.
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Over the last few months, @nathanblawrence and I have built Nighthawk, a companion to Twitter’s own app that (right now) fixes two big pain points that Twitter either doesn’t want to or can’t fix right now. First, you can’t filter out full topics — only individual words — which we found to be pretty stupid. We’ve built a small but growing catalogue of Smart Filters that we automatically update and do way more than just muting certain words by trying to detect the actual topic being used. Right now, we’re working on writing filters for political tweets, spoilers for TV shows and movies, and memes we find godawful. Remember that "is there a doctor on board" meme? Christ that was awful. Second, your friends. Nathan follows thousands of people for some reason and I follow a little over 300, which is still way too many to find the tweet from people I actually care about. As a result, we’ve noticed a lot of people use their notifications as a second timeline — which defeats the whole purpose of the app. So we’ve moved that into its own view — just your friends and what they have to say. No retweets and no funny business. Unless you're friends with a bunch of comedians, in which case it's exclusively funny business. It's not feature-complete, but we're extremely happy with the 1.0 we're putting out in the world.
I'm really excited that we finally get to open this up to everyone on the App Store. We've also got an important update — 2019.0.1 — in the App Review pipeline right now; it smooths out a lot of the rough spots and overall just makes the app that much better. Let us know if you have any thoughts or questions!
This may be the twitter client I have been waiting for! I wish someone would make an app that would roll up all tweets of one "topic" under the first person that tweeted it. I hate when there is a fantastic play say Lebron's between the leg pass to Dwight Howard, and my feed is full of the same replay. I only need to see it once. Huge complaint of mine with Twitter.
@andrewjb44 We're always looking for new smart filter ideas, sports has been a hot request. We would've already done it, but Nathan and I have a very loose grasp on how sport work. Person sends ball through air, other person retrieves ball, someone might run around square. Something like that, right?
@samhenrigold I am guessing you are are kidding but my complaint is any thing that is big on twitter that everyone is retweeting floods my timeline. I dont want to turn off retweets because people may be posting things I havent seen but when a large percent of my timeline is the same thing retweeted I feel it doesn't need to be displayed. Maybe a custom tweet saying the first person in my timeline who retweeted it, and the number of other people I followed that retweeted. This way if It says @samgold and 150 others retweeted how great Nighthawk is I would only have to see it once. It would be clear that it was a thing because of all the other retweets in the count.
@andrewjb44 Hm, really interesting idea. Lemme run it by Nathan, that sounds really helpful to have
@samhenrigold You sir have earned my $3.99, and I would send you a $1.01 tip!
@samhenrigold @samgold @andrewjb44 This is exactly the kind of thing we look forward to figuring out more and more as we move forward. Glad to hear you'd be interested in it!
You know someone's gotta say it, but no Android? ☹️
@megaroeny Not at this time! We're pretty fanatical about not spreading Twitter credentials or personal data to cloud services at this point, and that means all the processing that makes our features work has to happen on-device, which we're using a lot of native APIs like Core Data and Core ML for.
@nathanblawrence got it! Understood. As much as I love my Pixel 3, I'm probably going to switch back to iOS after this phone. The 11 Pro is killer, and I really am liking iOS and all the nice UI/UX features lately.
@megaroeny @nathanblawrence This is more PH's problem, but I wish I could absolutely not get notifications about Apple-only stuff. Y'all might, though, PROMINENTLY mention up front that this is confined to iOS, so that I can quickly ignore it -- like: "Nighthawk for Twitter (iOS only)" Or: "Nighthawk is a new kind of iOS Twitter app designed to ..." This is a frequent annoyance on PH -- that is, there is seemingly an assumption that everyone uses iStuff.
Now that I have used the app I have two more suggestions. 1 allow for the ability to add a close user from a tweet. 2 allow for the user to hide or show media by default. I'm on an iPhone 6s and I don't have a lot of screen real estate to work with.
@andrewjb44 Those are totally do-able enhancements. They won't be in the update this week, but I look forward to adding them when Apple gets back after the holidays.