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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 18, 2020
Pikaso is a tool for creating clean and clutter-free shots of tweets. It's perfect for sharing tweets on Instagram.
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Hey! I created this tool for people who like to share their tweets on Instagram. It's much easier than manually taking screenshots and cropping them. And the generated image looks much more professional. I did most of the the coding last week at the airport and on the plane while traveling from Bali to Singapore and back ๐Ÿ˜ Happy to hear your feedback and answer your questions.
@soheilpro This is such a useful tool! Thank you for creating it. I look forward to sharing this with the content marketing community.
@courtneyruth That's awesome. Thank you :)
pretty nice! I would love to also see the images that have been uploaded to the tweet as well. In addition: Add a small text-input-field to the feedback function "Something wrong with the image" so that users can tell you what is wrong. Saves you a lot of time searching for it yourself and maybe users see things differently than you do. I nmy case: I have an emoji in my twitter name, that is not displayed as an emoji, whereas emojis in the textual section of the tweet are displayed correctly.
addition: add a favicon.ico so that an icon of your tool will be displayed in people bookmarks ;-)
@jean_luc_winkler Thanks man. I will fix them.
@jean_luc_winkler And thanks for the suggestions.
@jean_luc_winkler Both embedded images and emojis in names are supported now :)
@soheilpro Awesome! Loving the fast pace of development and the open ears for your users! Great job! :-)
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API access
Themes and custom fonts and colors
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@soheilpro Instagram story format
@soheilpro supporting tweet threads
@nasser_hassani Thanks. Will add that very soon.
@ehsaniaa That's a nice idea. Thanks.
@soheilpro think of the next steps users are doing with the created image! Add share functionality (e.g. create a new tweet/post with it in different social networks) or hand the picture over to other services like buffer.com (if technically possible).
An interesting tool but it doesn't show the images attached to tweets.
@amoroso Thanks. I'm aware of that. I will add support for that soon.
@amoroso The embedded images should work now.
@soheilpro Thanks, it works great.
this is dope. Easy content creation.
@matt_hakimi Thanks Matt :)