Product Hunt Daily Digest
September 20th, 2017

The biggest innovation since copy & paste 👀
iOS 11 is packed with new features, but the most meaningful addition is taking place behind the scenes. ARKit makes it easier for developers to place virtual objects in real-world settings, bringing Snapchat-like AR tracking and facial recognition capabilities to small teams.

"The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed."

ARKit will unleash a wave of creativity, as developers everywhere can now create experiences that looks and feels like the future so many books and films have imagined. So far, we’ve only seen a glimpse.

Adam askedWhat's the coolest AR app you can download now?

Giphy's new app brings GIFs to augmented reality, and a 17-year old maker made an app that helps you learn about the solar system from your parking lot. The broader trend is: measuring apps:

It looks like AR measuring apps are 2008’s flashlight apps. AirMeasure lets you measure the distance between any two points in 3D space, Magicplan allows you to create entire floor plans in minutes, and AR MeasureKit will measure anything. 📐

But ARKit can do more than simply measure things. It can teach you to dance and even recreate the Moon landing in your kitchen.

🔮 Upcoming AR Products

We’ll see several more cool ARKit-powered ideas launching on Product Hunt over the next few months. Until then, subscribe to these upcoming products* for a sneak peek into the future:

🌲 A Stanford team is bringing your childhood arcade to life
🐼 A 17 year-old quit his job and moved to SF to build Panda
🐉 The founder of HappyGiant wants you to battle monsters 
💎 Solidhaus lets you visualize any 3D object in real life

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The Future Is Here.
Crypto job listings have nearly doubled in the last six months. AngelList just published a guide on How to Get a Job at a Crypto Startup. 📈💰