Lun.AR Lander

Recreate the Moon landing in augmented reality 🌖🚀

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Niv Dror
Niv DrorHunterHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
From the makers of (the coolest ARKit project to date, the SpaceX rocket landing in a backyard), comes a realistic Lunar Lander game. Recreate the Lunar Landing, anywhere! In your house 🏠🌖🚀
Alex Siminoff
Alex SiminoffHiring@alexsiminoff · Growth Hacker at Impulse
@nivo0o0 this looks like fun haha
Rob Bye
Rob Bye@robjbye · I build products and companies
@nivo0o0 Any chance I can have a play with this. I'm running the iOS beta at the moment
Jonathan Millar
Jonathan Millar@jonathan_millar
@nivo0o0 Also running beta2, willing to test pre-release and provide feedback
Noah Kim
Noah Kim@wuss · Product Design @ FB
Is this actually seeing the real environment lighting in real time and adjusting the AR? or is it conveniently placed for the sake of the video?
Arieh Movtady
Arieh Movtady@ariehmovtady · Founder of Taylo
Sparks the imagination, love it.
Alina Stanislavska
Alina Stanislavska@alina_karnaukh · Communications Manager, The Welkin Suite
I love it even though I can hardly find any practical use for it :)
Roman Dubinin
Roman Dubinin@roman_dubinin · Front-end lead at
maybe github link? :)