The ultimate augmented reality measuring toolkit

AirMeasure is the ultimate measuring ToolKit for your phone. Now anytime, anywhere you have not only a tape measure but a whole set of tools to let you measure almost anything. Loaded with features, download it now.

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Someone needs to ask it: Are you going to release Android versions? :)
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@mateusz_gazdziak I love Android but Android devices and OS’s are too fragmented right now. Even with the new AR SDK, it would probably work on less than 1% of Android devices in circulation. Even on Apple devices, you need to have at least an A9 chip to even run this. Give it three years before AR is at scale on Android. Give it a couple days for Apple.
@mateusz_gazdziak @rueter Well, ARCore is set to launch this winter and it works without any additional hardware, which means it can scale across the Android ecosystem. ARCore will run on millions of devices, starting with the Pixel and Samsung’s S8, running 7.0 Nougat and above... However Google is targeting support for 100 million devices at the end of the preview.. so your 3 year window might be a little lethargic :)
@shoshinzen I hope you’re right! Nougat still only runs on 13% of Android devices, though, and I’ll estimate that an overwhelming majority of Android users don’t have a Pixel or S8, so we’re probably back down to less than 1% (guestimated). I’ll be excited to see what Google ends up doing. 🤞🏽
😍 Time to go on a measuring spree!
“For entertainment only” Nice toy, but not ready real world use yet unfortunately.
I'm on iOS11 already but it's saying I need to install iOS11. Just sad I can't use it.
@jake_nasol_loria Are you on the GM? Works for me on an iPhone 6s
@fxcutz sorry. I'm a noob here. What's 'GM'?
@fxcutz @jake_nasol_loria Gold Master is the final version of software ready for release to manufacturing. Now that iOS 11 is officially live to the public, the GM question doesn't apply.
@jake_nasol_loria to suppor these features you need an A9 Chipset or above = a 6S or greater. thanks
@tadwook okay. Thank you for the help. I own the iPhone 7plus model with the iOS11 update. I'm based here in the Philippines. I'll try to figure out what's wrong with my phone. Thanks again.
Yes! I can safely say I’ve never been this excited for a tape measure.