Apple ARKit

A framework to create Augmented Reality experiences for iOS

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I'm more excited about AR than VR to be honest and interested in seeing what developments come in the next few years. Anyone working on something wacky with AR?
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@bentossell - Me too. AR seems to have more immediate practical value. VR seems to be more entertainment oriented.
@iamjmw @bentossell The way I always think of it is VR is more like "going" to something, much more of a context change than (potentially) AR
@castalanoo @iamjmw @bentossell Exactly. I think 360 video is the best "use" case (rather than "entertainment") for VR. I'm imagining live 360 being the next goldrush. 360 VR news reports, concert/sport events (put the 360 camera on a jib), anything time-sensitive where you don't know what's going to happen. But ya, AR for every day stuff.
@bentossell We're working on a wacky, cool storytelling tool that narrows the gap between imagination and reality.
@bentossell - @lucasbouyoux @brunogre and @arthur110491 are working on Gabsee, cool AR app featured few weeks ago on PH. What do you guys think of ARKit?
I am really interested in seeing what developers are going to do with ARKit. The fact that IOS has a huge adoption rate will help democratize AR in Apple products and in general. I also want to try ARKit so much 😱
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Was really sure about this coming at WWDC, 17 by Feb only. 😆
This is the kind of stuff that gets me HYPED
Finally, this move was what we needed to bring AR into the mainstream.