Apple ARKit

A framework to create Augmented Reality experiences for iOS

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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
I'm more excited about AR than VR to be honest and interested in seeing what developments come in the next few years. Anyone working on something wacky with AR?
Alexandre Mouriec
@mrcalexandre · Associate @ Argos VR | Writer @ Stuffi
I am really interested in seeing what developers are going to do with ARKit. The fact that IOS has a huge adoption rate will help democratize AR in Apple products and in general. I also want to try ARKit so much 😱
Rahul Kapoor
@iamrahulkapoor · Developer by heart but gentle by mind.
Was really sure about this coming at WWDC, 17 by Feb only. 😆 https://twitter.com/IAmRahulKapo...
Tepes Ovidiu
@ovidiutepes · Indie Game Developer & Digital Marketer.
This is the kind of stuff that gets me HYPED
Erick Barron
@erickbarron86 · Internet Marketer
Finally, this move was what we needed to bring AR into the mainstream.