Dance Reality

Dance practice in augmented reality

#5 Product of the DayJuly 05, 2017

Dance Reality uses Apple's latest augmented reality technology to place footprints on the floor in front of you. You look through your phone to step on the footprints, then you follow the animation to practice dance patterns (see video). Train as a lead, as a follow, or as a couple, and choose a speed that works for you. Practice makes perfect!

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This is a really creative use of AR and Apple's new ARkit, although unclear how effective it will actually be at teaching one to dance as foot placement is just part of it.
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@rrhoover great point! This approach covers foot placement as well as staying on the beat, but not partnering figures, posture, or styling. We're including instructional videos with each step, but the app can't beat in-person dance lessons and is meant to help practice between classes instead.
@rrhoover getting the foot placement right and to actually be reasonably on beat is like the first year or 5 of social dancing for most people though ;)
@andyalbani with ARKit you could absolutely show a mirrored instructor showing you the moves
@tombielecki we're exploring that but it would be a flat 2D 'hologram' unless we use motion capture and 3D models right?
@andyalbani yeah. Correct, would be nice. πŸ˜„
HI all! We're salsa dancers and app developers. We made this app with #ARKit. We're looking for testers who like to dance. It doesn't matter if you have two left feet. Beta starts next Wednesday. When we were beginner dancers, it was difficult to remember the steps while staying on the beat. Using Augmented Reality, we are making it easier for everyone to practice at home. Let us know what you think!
@andyalbani How do I sign up? I have an iOS 11 enabled phone.
That's funny!
So I have to look at my feet (through a phone) while dancing?
@coelmay only while you're trying to remember the steps, or to check that you're still on the beat. You can also slow down the animation to figure out where your feet should go. Otherwise, it's best not to look down while dancing ;)