AR MeasureKit app for iOS 11

Whatever you want to measure, we have a tool for that

Leveraging Apple’s new AR technology, MeasureKit makes it really easy to measure different things in the world using your iPhone’s or iPad’s camera. It contains 7 measuring tools in total with more instruments to come in the future.

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@treggify I would like to say on the behalf of MeasureKit team that we meant no harm or disrespect in regards to Ryan's excellent work. This wasn't done on purpose, but rather a misunderstanding on our part. We have started working on a new icon as soon as this issue was brought up by Ryan.
@treggify That is messed up. Can’t support flat out plagiarism and laziness.
@treggify @rinatkhanov could you describe what the misunderstanding was?
this is great!
Not available in US?
@kristofertm I’m getting the same thing 😔
@kristofertm @tylerswartz We're launching later today in all countries as Apple rolls out iOS 11 for everyone
@kristofertm @tylerswartz @rinatkhanov Yeah, not yet available in the UK...
@rinatkhanov not available in mexico 🙃
Handy for when you're moving houses!
All the features in the demo video look great! For the room measurements, can it also calculate the square footage, after you've marked all the walls?