AR MeasureKit app for iOS 11

Whatever you want to measure, we have a tool for that

Leveraging Apple’s new AR technology, MeasureKit makes it really easy to measure different things in the world using your iPhone’s or iPad’s camera. It contains 7 measuring tools in total with more instruments to come in the future.

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Tregg@treggify · Designer
Rinat KhanovMaker@rinatkhanov · Maker of apps
@treggify I would like to say on the behalf of MeasureKit team that we meant no harm or disrespect in regards to Ryan's excellent work. This wasn't done on purpose, but rather a misunderstanding on our part. We have started working on a new icon as soon as this issue was brought up by Ryan.
Matt Proto@mattproto · Designer, Pixel Pusher
@treggify That is messed up. Can’t support flat out plagiarism and laziness.
David MazzaHiring@dmzza · iOS Freelancer @ Peaking
@treggify @rinatkhanov could you describe what the misunderstanding was?
Janice Gao@janicegao2 · In blockchain we trust
this is great!
Kristofer™@kristofertm · #7 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
Not available in US?
Tyler Swartz@tylerswartz · maker of things
@kristofertm I’m getting the same thing 😔
Rinat KhanovMaker@rinatkhanov · Maker of apps
@kristofertm @tylerswartz We're launching later today in all countries as Apple rolls out iOS 11 for everyone
Craig Williams@ichillidesign · App maker (coming soon)
@kristofertm @tylerswartz @rinatkhanov Yeah, not yet available in the UK...
Daniel Aguirre@hgrd · Research
@rinatkhanov not available in mexico 🙃
Rinat KhanovMaker@rinatkhanov · Maker of apps
Luana Cavalcanti@brazilianexpat
Handy for when you're moving houses!
Tyler Swartz@tylerswartz · maker of things
All the features in the demo video look great! For the room measurements, can it also calculate the square footage, after you've marked all the walls?