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Hand-picked curation of the coolest stuff made with ARKit

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They have a pretty awesome Twitter Account which is worth a follow Check out all the ARKit projects that get curated.... I want to build one
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@bentossell What would you build if you could?
@mat_sherman if I knew that, I'd start building :)
@bentossell This AR stuff is freaking me out in all the right ways.
The best one I have seen yet. I just shared it with their Twitter page and told them to add it to their feed -
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@metalhaze That's fantastic.
Ok, this is awesome. Very intrigued to see what Apple's new iPhone has in store for this technology.
This is great. Think it will be a future section of product hunt?
@matthartman you'll find a ton of interesting products in the Augmented Reality topic, but it sounds like we need an ARkit-specific topic.