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February 5th, 2020

Predictions! 2020 Breakout Startups 🔮

When you think back on the breakout products in 2019, you think things like TikTok (and apps to support TikTok), Disney+ and Honey (acquired by PayPal for $4 billion).

But what's in store for 2020? Here are some companies to keep an eye on:

Byte is the highly anticipated reboot from the founders of Vine, expected to give TikTok some competition in the bite-sized video world this year (read more about it here). In it’s first week live, the app garnered over one million downloads. Byte’s founders hope the app will stand out from the pack by helping content creators actually make money (TikTok isn’t great at this right now).

“Honestly it's already really good. Surprised and now I actually do think TikTok will get a run for their money.” - Anthony

Cameo ($65.2 million raised) is an app that lets you book videos from celebrities to send personalized shout outs to your friends and family. When we talked to Cameo’s founders in August, they had 18,000 celebrities using the platform and had delivered over 300,000 video requests.

“People love receiving these, it's memorable, it's easy, same amount of money you'd spend on a gift card or a couple drinks for your friend.” - David

Kenshō Health ($1.3 million raised) has been dubbed the “antithesis of Goop” — it’s a database for holistic health backed by science. Kenshō Health used a community of experts and a scientific publisher to create its product, which aims to take the guesswork out of holistic medicine.

“A brilliant and much needed resource! Kensho empowers people to design a holistic approach to their health—from vetted practitioners to researched education/knowledge to enable people to make their own decisions in a new and sometimes overwhelming space.” - Steph

Fast ($2.5 million raised) is a super useful tool that can be used on any website for a secure, one-click login and checkout. Bye bye, passwords.

“This is a very big idea that can remove a real pain point for both consumers and brands. I don’t want to give all my data to Google and Facebook. Seems like a slick experience, hope lots of sites adopt this.” - Paul

The Product Hunt community told us to keep an eye on a few startups in the no-code sphere, including Voiceflow and Glide. We’re also going to watch startups that reduce single-use plastic (like Notpla and Blueland), as well as plant-based meat alternatives (like Nuggs).

If you want to add your own predictions, tell us here. 👈

Breakout Companies 2020

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