Cheaper than plastic, and edible! Reduce single use plastic

Ooho and our other packaging solutions are made from Notpla, a material made from seaweed and plants that disappear, naturally.
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Saw something like this for straws by Loliware but they never replied to this question...where does the seaweed come from? Is it harvested from the ocean or grown on a farm?
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@bradungar I think it's from the ocean? I don't know.
@vineet_sinha I hope not, my concern is that seaweed creates 60% of the Earth’s oxygen and is the life force for the sea animals. If all these seaweed startups are just scavenging the Ocean’s seaweed I think we are replacing one problem with something that will likely be even a bigger problem later. Seaweed isn’t pretty but is necessary for the oceans and as part of our oxygen source.
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@bradungar if we ended up in a situation where we have no plastic in the sea and have to farm more seaweed to make that happen, that sounds like a win to me.
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@vineet_sinha @bradungar The seaweed is harvested from the ocean but it's not a problem (grows like 1m a day and it reproduces very fast)
@vineet_sinha @rafa123 but what about at scale? Not an issue now but when all plastic replaced will we be cutting into actual long term oxygen supply? Ambitious plans for seaweed everywhere globally will require a lot of seaweed would be my guess.
Awesome mission Is this the same material/technology used for the edible water [video]?
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@kevinyun yes it's the same - a clear casing made from seaweed, and hence edible!
Amazing Idea! Hope we see it more and more in the future.
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