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January 1st, 2020

“Please leave us a review in iTunes”

For anyone who runs a podcast, you know that it can be challenging to get listeners to review your show. Don’t believe us? Just read this on why no one should ever start a podcast.

But rankings on platforms like iTunes and other platforms are determined by reviews and ratings (as well as downloads and subscribers), so reviews remain an important part of podcast marketing.

“A lot of shows ask you to 'please leave us a review in iTunes' but it's not a very useful call to action because most listeners don't know how.” - James

To solve this problem (and help podcast makers get more reviews in general) James created Rate This Podcast, a tool that lets podcasters create a memorable link to read out to listeners at the end of every episode. It works by listing out the right apps for their device, explaining how to subscribe and leave a review, and then it sends them to the right place with a deep link. The links also prompts listeners to subscribe to the show in Apple Podcasts.

“Ratings and reviews are important for improving the credibility of your podcast and they act as social proof for attracting new listeners.” - James

Other tools that will level up your podcasting game:

🎙 Descript is an all-encompassing tool for producing podcasts

🎙 Podcast Rental will help you find and rent podcast studios

🎙 Soundtrap for Storytellers is a podcast studio in the cloud

🎙 Anchor is a superrr simple tool for making podcasts

🎙 Zencastr lets you record crystal clear podcasts remotely (we use it for PH Radio)

🎙 Chameleon is like RapGenius, but for podcasts

Rate This Podcast

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