Podcast Rental

Find, rent, and share podcast studios

Podcast Rental is a marketplace for people to rent or share a podcast studio in minutes.
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Love this idea. Checking it out now.
@justinfinkel Much appreciated Justin!
Nice, @andrewgazdecki! How are you sourcing studios now? @jmj, check this out.
@jmj @rrhoover Hey Ryan! Ah man, sourcing all the studios definitely took the most time. I just Googled a number of different search phrases like "podcast studio rental in houston" or "podcast rental san francisco" etc etc and reached out to the studios from there.

I really like the idea, I would love to see more studios from Europe.


I love the idea!



Hey Hunters, excited to share Podcast Rental! Basically, Airbnb for podcast studios. I created this for fun over the weekend and launching as a free service. No costs or fees for listing your podcast studio. Feedback welcomed! Thanks everyone! PS - If anyone want to podcast about building simple MVPs reach out!
@alex_circei Thanks Alex! Keep up the awesome work at Waydev! :D
Great product. Any guidance/tools on best practices for setting up a studio space to list?