RapGenius for Podcasts

Annotate mind-bending podcasts for yourself and friends. Each annotation attached to a timestamp of the episode. When you annotate for friends they receive the episode on their app. The audio scrubber is vertical so you can scrub quickly and annotate with precision.

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Tanha Kabir
Tanha KabirMaker@tanhakk · Co-founder, Chameleon
Hi Product Hunt! 👋 We’re @tanhakk and @jonmercer the team behind Chameleon. We wanted to build a podcast app to share and annotate with. We spent the past year working part time on Chameleon and we’ve recently committed to it full-time. We used podcasts to learn how to be founders and product makers. While listening, we wanted to share our notes and episodes with each other, which is why we built Chameleon. During this past year, we listened to 1,167.48 hours of podcasts and took 7,493 notes 🤯 (yes we kept track). These are the unconventional features that we would love to hear critiques on: - A super looooooong vertical audio scrubber for more precision - Starting a thread at specific timestamps (that the other person can reply to) - When you message a friend it gets added to the top of their queue - No need to subscribe. You can choose to automatically download episodes from podcasts you care about. - Visually see which parts of an episode you’ve listened to We’d love to hear from you about more use cases for Chameleon so we know what to improve.
Arielle Baldwynn
Arielle BaldwynnHunter@davidbaldwynn
I came across Chameleon and instantly fell in love with its easy to use annotation that immediately reminded me of Rap Genius
Jon Mercer
Jon MercerMaker@jonmercer · Co-founder, Chameleon Podcast Annotation
@davidbaldwynn thanks for hunting us! Awesome tagline. We were going to use “Annotate mind-bending podcasts for yourself and friends” but “RapGenius for Podcasts” definitely sounds better. @tanhakk and I actually listened to an episode about the founders of Rap Genius. Here’s the episode link for anyone interested:
John Gonder
John Gonder@magic_cacti · PM and Desgin Enthusiast
This actually looks like something I'd use. Currently annotate podcasts with the iOS notes app but it doesn't come close to something like this.
Jon Mercer
Jon MercerMaker@jonmercer · Co-founder, Chameleon Podcast Annotation
@magic_cacti thanks and love your name 😉I personally took “notes” in the past by taking a screenshot when something significant happens in the podcast. But now with Chameleon, I just send notes at the timestamp to myself. There’s a section that collects all these episodes with your notes to yourself. One of the features we’d like to build in the future is the ability to ask Chameleon to “remind me in 90 days” and have the podcast episode pop up again then.
Tonia Rollin
Tonia Rollin@tonia_rollin · Product Designer
Really love the design of this app! Although not super clear on the Facebook/Google integration. Is this option or required?
Tanha Kabir
Tanha KabirMaker@tanhakk · Co-founder, Chameleon
@tonia_rollin Hi Tonia! We're happy you liked the design! 🙌 We do require everyone to have an account either through email, Facebook, or Google. We initially created the app so that there’s no need to create an account to reduce any barriers. However, our friends were confused with how they can use the app with or without an account. We then added email authentication and Facebook/Google integration as suggestions from our friends.