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#4 Product of the DayJuly 12, 2015
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Great idea - I think you really need to highlight that "A Separate Quality Track Per Guest" at the very very top of the page (maybe re-word slightly). At first glance I thought "Why would I use this over the plugins I can already get for Skype?", but this addresses a specific problem I was concerned about when I was first looking at doing some podcasting.. that is, what if my guest has a shitty connection. Well done!
@rossdcurrie Great point. I'll get onto adding that. Thanks for the feedback!
I use Zencastr over anything else when recording my podcasts, whether I have a guest or not. It's super easy to use. I record with Zencastr, edit if necessary, and upload to Soundcloud. Very simple and actually helps to make podcasting all the more fun. I love that I get a copy of the recording on my desktop AND in my Dropbox. I literally cannot lose it! Having that as a "back-up" on a busy day can be a podcast-saver. It's also really easy to invite guests. I prefer using Zencastr over something like Google Hangouts or Skype for recording podcasts with guests. To sum up - are you podcasting? Then you should be giving Zencastr a try!
This looks cool - it's a simple way to handle podcast invites (e.g. for interviews) and then have the recoding automatically saved to dropbox. The support forum is a subreddit! https://www.reddit.com/r/zencastr
@charlieirish Thanks Charlie
The Product Hunt podcast, where @eriktorenberg hosts Maker Stories, is currently on SoundCloud. I'm interested -- Erik, would you consider using a service like Zencastr for future podcasts?
@lejlahunts Just to clarify, Zencastr wouldn't not take the place of soundcloud as the host of the podcasts. It helps you record your guests, then you can host wherever you like.
@joshontheweb RIGHT! Seems like a great addition, wherever the podcast is hosted.
@lejlahunts If you want to try FeedPress to host your future podcasts, we'd be happy to give you an access :)
@lejlahunts I had the same question for @eriktorenberg -- Seems like an interesting product
I built Zencastr to make it dead simple for podcasters to record their VOIP guests in perfect quality. You send a link to your guests and It uses the Web Audio API to record each users audio locally. Then each audio file is uploaded to your dropbox account. It's still in beta but is already being used actively. I'm happy to answer any questions if they arise. EDIT: Here's a promo code for two months free that users who help beta test can use once Zencastr leaves Beta: PHUNT2015
@joshontheweb Hey Josh, I've just stumbled across Zencast.fm, whose tagline is "Everything you need to host, publish and track your podcast." Confusing!
@brandhull Yeah, we both launched our betas in the same week and found about each other just as that happened. Not really sure what to do about it. It hasn't been a huge issue so far.