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#5 Product of the MonthSeptember 2019
Descript is a podcast editing tool that lets you record, edit, and mix audio by editing text. We use AI to make editing simple while maintaining the power and flexibility of profession audio production suites.
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Holy shit. That was the best demo video I’ve ever seen.
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@boaticus Damn, seriously!
@boaticus That's pretty much exactly what I said in my head before I scrolled down and saw your comment!
@boaticus Wow, this video has to enter in the pantheon of demo videos!
Hi everyone! Andrew here, CEO of Descript. When we started Descript a few years ago, this is the release we always had in our minds - an end-to-end podcast production studio wrapped in a user experience that was as approachable and flexible as a document. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or a newcomer, we hope you'll download Descript and give it a try - we've found it really makes you interact with audio in a new and more creative way. I take that back: by joining forces with Lyrebird, this release turned into something far beyond what we could have imagined. With the release of Overdub, you can now correct your voice recordings by typing. It's the first of many AI-powered features we plan to ship together to reduce the friction of creative expression. You can try a demo and sign up for the beta here: I'll be hanging around the comments today (and so will the Lyrebird founders, The Lyrebird founders, @kundan2511, @adbrebs and Jose Sotelo) to answer any questions you might have.
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@kundan2511 @adbrebs @andrewmason Holy Moly! Are you folks for real? That's the best video ever. Also, the SaaS has a great free version. You mean business. This is EXACTLY what I need to finally start that podcast. I'mma singin' up.
I've been looking for a tool that would allow me to "type" podcast ad reads and output with my voice to save me time and avoid long approval delays. I'll have to give the new Descript a try.
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@rrhoover an entire AI-generated ad, interesting! Let us listeners know if/when you try this. Definitely curious to hear accuracy of this beyond more than a few words hear and there.
This looks amazing—congrats on getting it here, folks! I've been looking at Descript since the early days and seeing it turn into such a mature and futuristic take on audio editing is awesome. Major kudos for the video too, it's hilarious. I'm guessing it was Sandwich's work? :)
@mostlymarius yes, it's sandwich! We are so grateful to work with them.
Descript is an incredible tool. Within minutes of finishing a podcast recording I've got the episode transcribed and ready for editing. The transcription's good enough that I can find unimportant sections of the recording and delete those (non-destructively) without even listening. I can smoothly switch between casual, broad-strokes editing, nuanced sweetening of individual sentences, and audio enhancements like pan and volume adjustment. The Descript team has been incredibly responsive to user feedback while also pursuing a clear product goal, keeping the interface easy to use and organized. Thinking back to how long it used to take me to edit a new episode, Descript's simply a joy to use.