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December 25th, 2019

A million data points for nomads

To celebrate the end of the year, we’ve been showcasing the most upvoted products from 2019 this week. If you missed yesterday’s list because of the holiday, you can catch up here. 👈

10. Growth Design Case is a collection of product case studies in comic book format. They break down how companies like Airbnb, Hopper, Zapier and Trello design and grow products.

“The user experience teardowns are full of insights that'll inspire any product person to improve their products.“ - Hiten

9. Marketing Resources List is what it sounds like — a huuuuge collection of free marketing resources. The team behind Marketing Resources List handpicked the best marketing templates across the internet and put them all in one place.

“This is a really amazing resource for founders and early stage employees. Its saves us so much time from either figuring out the right templates/structures/processes or looking around the internet to find something useful.“ - Satwick

8. Sizzy is an internet browser intended for designers and developers.

“SUPER CLEAN” - Zander

7. Nomad List surfaces the best cities to live and work remotely. The travel site has over a million data points for almost every major town and city in the world with a significant population. That's data that ranges from climate throughout the year, to gender equality, to the average income of people living in different cities.

“My favorite feature is the Passport filter — it's really helpful for me to know what countries my girlfriend (Thailand) and I (Canada) can travel to easily.” - Cam

6. Notion Template Gallery is an editable community gallery that lets anyone copy, customize, and contribute Notion creations they love.

“Notion continues to be one of the apps I use on a daily basis, and their commitment to consistently rolling out new features is turning me from a comfortable user into a raving fan.” - Micah

The countdown ends tomorrow. Tune in for surrealist illustrations, a personal project management platform, and a tool that turns Google Sheets into APIs. 👀

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