Notion 2.3

Notions big update, now with Evernote import and web clipper

Notion 2.3 comes with a swath of new updates including a new simple import tool for Evernote, a new web clipper and much more.
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I adore notion, it really is a game changer for productivity, used it for my studies and still using it for my work, great to see that I can now import all my evernote notes!
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API would be a really great feature


Suitable for all types of content.



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Yes!!!!!!!! I neeeeeed a read/write API for Notion!!!
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I am waiting for this, too. Hopefully not too long away - even Zapier would be good at this point, which I know is on the way.
Awesome, awesome, awesome. So happy about the clipper as well. Trying hard to bore people to death about my notion obsession. Looking forward to see what you have in store for the future!
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I've used Notion on and off for over a year now but struggle to find that *killer* use-case. What do you all think sets Notion apart from something like Coda, for example, which has plenty more third-party integrations?
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@nasiscoe O-oh...massive fan of Notion...I scream about it from the rooftops, but because of your post, I've just discovered Coda and fell in love within 3.1 seconds...could be a gamechanger!
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@jwelch Love to hear it!
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@nasiscoe @jwelch I've just done exactly the same!
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@nasiscoe @jwelch @markpcolgan I took a look at Coda and it just seemed overwhelming, might be a bit more powerful than Notion and it looks like you can do more complex tasks but I think it has a steeper learning curve. For me Notion just has the right simplicity/power combination.
@nasiscoe @markpcolgan @nuts_on_ur_chin yep, that's the same conclusion I made after spending a few hours with it.
We need apple pencil support!
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@nicolashitz Why? How would you use it, Nicolas?
@nicolashitz This would be awesome - to be able to draw directly into a page.