The goal of Sizzy is to save time and increase the productivity of designers and developers. Work on your website and instantly preview the changes on multiple devices at once.
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I want to try it, but honestly the no trial is a dealbreaker for me, personally. For something like this, I really need to be able to try it to see how it feels before purchase.


- Looks nice - Good landing page


- Subscription model (would prefer 1 time payment license) - No demo/trial

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I agree. A trial or one-time payment would work better for me. Looks great though!
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+1 Yes would probably buy if it was a one time fee with a 7-day trial
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@bluetidepro Yep. Looks good, but definitely needs at least a 24 hr trial option.
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@bluetidepro @samionmiles @jeroendeprest @syncnd, a trial is needed but a one time fee is not practical for the developers. This service has to be constantly maintained & updated with all the new devices, resolutions & browser updates.
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@bluetidepro @samionmiles @jeroendeprest @syncnd that being said, I think the pricing is off, should be lower with only 1 or 2 tiers.
I created Sizzy as a web app in 2017 to help me with one of my landing pages. I quickly bumped into the limits of the web platform and realized that unless it's a proper native browser it will never be able to simulate the real devices, sync the scrolling position, take full-page screenshots, etc. Two years later here we are. The Sizzy browser packs tons of helpful features and me and @praneet_rohida1 have huge plans for the future. Hope you like it! 🥳
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I just opened a public Trello board where anyone can submit feature request, bugs, and vote for features: Let's do this together 💪
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@praneet_rohida1 @thekitze So if Chrome suddenly updates, or does something with flutter, you're good?
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@praneet_rohida1 @thekitze what about giving us all a trial link to try out first & then decide.. would appreciate such efforts..
Seriously? Subscription model for a tool which is actually modified browser?
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@thebezzo Hey Mateusz. Sizzy is not a modified browser, it's a browser made from scratch using Electron and React. We worked very hard on it for a long time and it's based on a subscription model because we're planning to add more features in the future.
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@thebezzo Seriously? Should it be free? It'a a tool they have spend a lot of time on. It's a tool that will make you work faster and build better websites. You don't need to pay for it if you don't want it.
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@tommyjvedvik Not free, I was not saying anything like that :) I'm saying that there are around a lot of powerful tools than this one and they are in a one-time payment business model. They're not even providing trial version.
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@thebezzo, I believe it's okay to take money for you job. If you don't see value for yourself to pay enough - just move on
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@thebezzo I think this is beyond useful. One of the few subscription services I'd be happy to support.
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This looks great! My main personal hesitation in trying it though is the subscription model. Have you considered a model like Sketch where you pay every year just to be able to receive new updates, but old versions don't stop working if you don't renew? I pay Sketch every single year but I'm so much more comfortable doing it knowing that if I ever choose to stop paying, I can at least keep using the most recent version I paid for indefinitely.
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@adamwathan thanks! I haven't considered this model because it's a bit more complex to implement, but I'll keep it in mind. Feel free to try Sizzy and if it doesn't work out for you you'll get a 100% refund. My twitter DMs are also open for a discussion.
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@adamwathan @thekitze I think - One time fee for x amount of earliest users can be a very smart strategy to grow revenue very fast very early. How the model scales from there to show continues growth rate can get complicated if not thought out properly when designed pricing structure and financial model 18-24-26 months out. Prob all well aware of this just thought id share my thoughts...I think 30 day free trial is smartest. If the product is worth it for user they will pay after 1 months, if not they would have been bothering you for refund.
Downvote for subscription model and no trial
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