Product Hunt Weekly Digest
November 3rd, 2019

NEW from Adobe: A TikTok tool

Adobe is riding the TikTok wave.

Starting today, Premiere Rush — Adobe’s tool for video dabblers — will support sharing videos directly to TikTok. 🤳

Some background: Adobe launched Rush, a cross-device video editing app last October to make it super easy to share online video content. The app automatically syncs all projects and edits to the cloud, as it’s geared towards making quick, high quality content. The TikTok partnership comes by way of the company’s new SDK, which is going live with five other content creation apps. In addition to Rush, you can now post videos directly to TikTok from AI app, all-in-one photo and video editing app PicsArt, animation app Plotaverse, and gaming capture app Medal.

TikTok users now get all of Rush’s built-in editing features, including auto-ducking, transitions, color filters, timelapse and slo-mo. They can also share any video creations to all social channels, including TikTok, straight from the app.

“We built Rush for content creators who want to shoot, edit and share wherever they are. With Rush, all your video projects sync across all your devices and you can make a complete edit on your phone if you want to. Rush was no small feat to build! We combined technologies from Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Audition into a new, easy to use interface” - Adobe Senior User Experience Design Lead Johannes Eckert

The TikTok partnership is well-timed, as the fast-growing app is quickly becoming the next big creative platform. The app itself now has over 800 million monthly active users, even though 500 million of those users use Douyin, the Chinese-language version of TikTok. With TikTok’s growth, we’re seeing a rise in TikTok-related products built on Product Hunt. In the past two weeks alone, we’ve seen Makers build a TikTok client for web and multiple analytics tools that let you detect influencers and track their stats.

At Adobe’s MAX conference today, the company also debuted a free AI-powered Photoshop camera app, Photoshop for iPad and its first augmented reality creation app.

Adobe Rush

Wanna smash your to-do list? Try exploding it instead. 💣

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