Tiktok analytics made easy.

Pentos is a Tiktok analytics platform. It helps you detect influencers, track their contents, monitor hashtags and songs.
- Track any TikTok user's performance.
- Friendly UI.
- User once added for tracking, can't be removed or changed.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
As far as I know, Pentos is the first and only third-party TikTok analytics tool so far. The free plan provides all the basic metrics such as engagement rate, average likes, average comment, total hearts for the user.
I expect to see many more tools built for TikTok soon.
I've been using the product for the past few months. Love the ability to monitor third-party accounts and uncover rich insights.
@lachlankirkwood Indeed! It has potential to grow to become a leading analytical tool for a new video platform.
Hey maker here ! Removing user will be added really soon, it's on my really big todo list :)
@tibozaurus Hey! What inspired you to build this? Seems like a smart move.
@taylormajewski I was working with Instagram data and building other products. In early september my girlfriend was away for a week end. Bored I gave a look at TikTok, I was drown in a weird time lapse, and spent my whole afternoon on TikTok. Afterward I did a bit of research about TikTok tools and I found out there were no tools for it. Then I start building it. But I still have a lot to do for it.
@tibozaurus Thanks, Thibault. I tried to add you as maker. Could you please accept the invite.
@moingshaikh I'd like to accept the invite but i haven't received one yet
@tibozaurus Hi, see if you got one now. I assumed your username to be @thibaultleouay and had sent invite to that one that's why you might have not received it. Should work now though.
What a tool !!