✔️List💣Impossible is a to-do list
✔️Create a list and a detonation timer
✔️The list will self-destruct when the timer reaches zero
✔️Dashboard stats are updated after the timer detonates
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Hello Product Hunt! 👋 I made List💣Impossible for the 30 day Women Make Just F*ing Ship It Challenge! I LOVE to-do lists. I use one every day...but I still do it the "old fashioned" way. I write my tasks down on a Post-It note then throw it the garbage at the end of the day, regardless of whether I finish all the tasks or not. I thought it would be fun to try and replicate that process in the form of a web app.😀 Here's a quick rundown of how it works. 📝 Create a list by giving it a name. Choose something relevant to your tasks, or call it whatever you want. You'll see the list name again on your stats page after the timer detonates. ⏱️ Create a detonation timer. You can keep your list for up to 7 days and can use a combination of Days and Hours. Minimum time for a list is 1 hour and maximum time is 7 days. 💣 The list will detonate and self-destruct once the timer reaches zero. You will be able to see how many tasks you completed but you will not be able to see the tasks themselves. 📊 There is a stats page that keeps track of how efficiently you get your sh*t done. ***Stats for your list only show up after the timer expires. ***First 3 lists are free 📣 Shoutout to @marie_dm_ and the entire Women Make community!
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@marie_dm_ @sarah__jackson Congratulations on the launch!!!
Congrats on the launch Sarah! Was happy to try it before it's out and I really like the gamification which makes the todo list concept fun 🧨
@marie_dm_ Thank you! I don't know if there would have been an exploding GIF without you 😉
This is so fun :) Love the way you have drafted the messages across the product too! Congrats on the launch 👏 P.S: Would love to feature it on https://remote.tools too :)
@hrishikesh1990 Thank you, it was a fun project!
Congrats on the launch. I love this idea. My to-do lists tend to get bloated and then overwhelming to the point I don’t know where to start. Love the idea of having it self destruct and starting fresh the next day.
@betsymuse Yes! Nothing worse than a to-do list that never gets completed!
This is so funny.. I hope people create more products like this, funny :D
@hazelsong2 Haha! Glad you like it 😊