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Thanks for the hunt! This means a ton :-) As gamers, we watch a lot of gaming clips. But none of the platforms feel native to mobile, where in our opinion most gaming clips should be consumed, since it’s a way of staying in the games you love, wherever you go. So we decided to build it. And the result is Medal, an app that is optimized and designed purely for viewing the best clips of your favorite games, anywhere, anytime. It integrates directly with Discord and organizes content in discord communities, which are then put in our mobile app for viewing. That’s why we also built our own Discord Bot, so that people can also enjoy their favorite clips, sorted by up votes, right inside discord. We are pleased to present you with Medal - Top Gaming Highlights, Clips & Moments, available to download anywhere in the world, starting today. We are also going to post the top clips for every game daily on our Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Follow us here! PS: We are the same guys who built Pokématch, the tinder for Pokemon go app that was launched last year. I'm here all day for AMA :-)
congrats Pim -- love the discord integration!
@joshelman Medal+Discord=<3. The bot is awesome and Discord is the perfect platform to launch this on.
Looks awesome @pimdewitte The experience is seamless and clips load very fast, even on my very slow connection while on vacation.
Love it! Very addictive!
@pimdewitte Hey Pim! Does this feed off of Twitch Clips?
@igoruphere Users can submit any type of clips using the discord bot. It's similar to reddit in the way it collects and organizes content and then links back out to the original poster :-) (Edit: Includes stuff like twitch clips,, gfycat, imgur, etc - this works super nicely because discord communities essentially curate the content for you and the result is epic)
@pimdewitte awesome! Shame I am unable to download in my region it seems. I'm glad Medal exists and I would definitely download it for my 5 minutes of highlights a day. :( As a heavy Twitch user, I often simply lack time to watch my favorite streamers. Twitch Clips are great to still witness highlights despite missing the whole session, but Twitch makes very poor use of them. Great to see you put everything under one roof. Also spotting a new great creator to follow is much easier via an exciting highlight than when you open their stream at a random moment and there's nothing eye-catching for like 10 minutes so you just close it.
@igoruphere Apple just approved it yesterday, but it's definitely available in all regions! Where are you at?
@pimdewitte Latvia. I'll check in a few, then :) Congrats on landing here so soon after the launch!
@igoruphere Thanks, it's been a crazy few days for sure :-)